Dry ice

Premium quality product

Premium quality dry ice

Carbon dioxide based ice is a dry ice, liquefied below -80°C. We provide you with an ecological answer designed for various uses, in line with your needs.

Under normal conditions of temperature and pressure, CO2 is in the atmosphere in a gaseous state. The process of obtaining dry ice is then based on the expansion of the CO2.
The liquid CO2 is entrained under a pressure of 20 bar at -20°C into a chamber at atmospheric pressure. The decrease in pressure will cause the temperature of the CO2 to drop to -78.5°C: the liquid CO2 is transformed into dry ice.

Premium quality dry ice

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Operation of the pelletizer

Dry ice is made using the pelletizer. To do this, the process breaks down as follows:

The pelletizer is fed with liquid CO2 which is expanded to form dry ice. This is extruded via a piston and compressed against an extrusion die. The material, under the effect of compression, will form ice and take the shape or pattern of the die.